Burn Brighter

You are the flame and the candle is your world. Allow Spirit to burn your life as you've known it. Surrender to the transformation that's coming through you. All that you'll ever need to begin again is within you. The energies that make up fire cannot be destroyed. What remains true will not turn to …

Living with Chronic Pain

Sometimes our pain isn't meant to heal immediately. Sometimes we are called to live with it instead, and in the process receive the gift of the lessons it brings. Sometimes the only way to unlock them is true, unwavering acceptance.


At some point, we'll get tired of clenching our fists even as a way of protecting ourselves. At some point, the pain will be too strong to ignore that we just have to bloom, that we just have to finally open up. Slowly, surrendering one fear at a time.


It's not true that when we leap, the net will appear. The net has always been there. We just don't always have the faith to know that it is.   Card from "The Universe Has Your Back" deck, by Gabrielle Bernstein.    

Lukewarm Thoughts

Many times I find myself not being able to delegate tasks when I have to, thinking that it's easier if I just do them myself. Maybe that's true to some extent. But maybe easier shouldn't always be the goal, and maybe it's only easier in a short period of time. Maybe the cost of doing …

Accountability is Sexy

Nothing would make a person standout more (at least for me) than the full ownership of one's decisions and actions - especially when they result to unforeseen, undesirable consequences. Nothing makes me more proud to be a human being than to see another human embrace the fullness of their magnificence and weakness at the same …


Forgiveness is inevitable if one longs to be free and fully at peace. We may be blinded at times, mistaking our anger for self-love or self-righteousness, when in reality, it's our last ditch effort to hold on to the past, to cling so desperately to what's no longer serving us out of fear of the …