I am Home

I am the tree that grows again, after a long period of drought. I am also the birds that are coming back home to it.


A snapshot. A stop sign. A flashback. Our life unfolds in these fleeting moments. Clues of who we are becoming, stuck between the window panes hidden between sighs lying under the ashes.   I sit on top a flashing hotel sign. I've been waiting for someone to pick me up all this time.   I …

I am Nothing

I am Nothing. Where "Nothing" isn't derogatory. "Nothing" as the greatest kind of Autonomy. Wholeness. I cannot be contained. I cannot be named. I cannot be forgotten. I am the boundless Unknown.

Focused Thought

How can you cut a paper doll out of a Soul? How can Nature fit in a shopping box? How can you trap a thought? Breath? Sunshine? Motion and Stillness? How can you capture Thunder and harness its powers later? How can you name the Nameless? Through Focused Thought. That's how we collapse in the …

As the “High Priestess”

Sometimes I ask myself if I'll ever be truly happy...sometimes my character feels more like a curse than a sacred gift. Then I heard my inner voice say, "Yes, you can be happy. You are in fact happy. But only for/about/because of things that are not usually popular/on the surface."  

Nowhere but up

You're not here to conform. You're here to break the norm. Do not dim your light for others. No one benefits from that. If you really care about the whole, Rise up. Hold your ground. Raise the bar!