Burn, anyway

Don't be scared to burn yourself a little, if that's what it takes to light up your fire. Take all the safety precautions, if you must. Gather your composure. Clear up your head. But do it, anyway. Choose to do it over and over again. You'll grow a little braver each day.

Unrealized Desires

Sometimes our desires do not evolve to the point that they are manifested in the physical. Some desires just never have what it takes to be named, grounded and stable. It doesn't make them unreal or imaginary. It doesn't make them less powerful. Their purpose might be to break down the old, to bring clarity, …

The Calling

The kind of fulfillment we are looking for cannot be provided by anything external to us - including that which we call our "life purpose", which we associate mostly with a career/calling. Time will come when we'll realize that true fulfillment comes with standing in the fullness of who we are. That is what we …

Opening up to You

Sometimes, you don't actually need to learn more to begin. Sometimes, what you actually need is to be more open. To be fully open with yourself. Open to how ready you  are. Open to the fact that you've actually already have begun.    

Ace of Cups

Your power is in your cup. It's where all your hopes, joys and losses collapse. It's where all your lifetimes make sense; the words spoken, longings undone. You are your own cup. The Ace of Cups isn't something that comes from the heavens. Your heart is that cup. Who you've become and what you've offered …