The Divine Is

The Divine is the undercurrent. The constant humming you've become accustomed to. It's the energy firing through your wires. The light flickering through your eyes. It's the images flashing in your mind. Random and senseless as they might be, they are not trapped by space and time. [ They are neither here nor there. They …

Go to the bottom

Why hang out on the surface when you can go to the bottom? Your pot of gold can only be found in the profound. Commune with your soul in the Unknown. Die into your form so you can discover what you're truly made of. You are Reborn.

I am Home

I am the tree that grows again, after a long period of drought. I am also the birds that are coming back home to it.


A snapshot. A stop sign. A flashback. Our life unfolds in these fleeting moments. Clues of who we are becoming, stuck between the window panes hidden between sighs lying under the ashes.   I sit on top a flashing hotel sign. I've been waiting for someone to pick me up all this time.   I …

I have Arrived

Pulled. I was being pulled by romance, longing, purpose;   or so I thought.   I was rushing to meet you, Found myself moving in circles instead;   a long stretch of houses, shops, corners and corridors.   I could lose myself.   When I've finally stopped to gather my breath, looked around hoping to …

Nowhere but up

You're not here to conform. You're here to break the norm. Do not dim your light for others. No one benefits from that. If you really care about the whole, Rise up. Hold your ground. Raise the bar!

Our Heart is a Portal

It depends on our commitment to expand our capacity to feel how the world unfolds. Richness surrounds us, and can never contain itself we just need to open ourselves fully to participate in this spontaneous yet orchestrated overflow.   *An ode to my feisty, tender feline friend, Cool-aid; who has melted my heart back to …