We Can Choose Compassion

Even if the people around us behave towards us from a place of judgment, we can still choose compassion for ourselves. Our initial response may be to put up energetic walls, but when we choose compassion, we will be dissolving these walls. We will be choosing to remain soft. Life force can continue flowing through …

Unlocking Abundance

Don't cling onto what you have. Let the blessings go where they want to go. There is more where they came from. When you open your arms to give,  you're also opening them to receive.  


At some point, we'll get tired of clenching our fists even as a way of protecting ourselves. At some point, the pain will be too strong to ignore that we just have to bloom, that we just have to finally open up. Slowly, surrendering one fear at a time.

Opening up to You

Sometimes, you don't actually need to learn more to begin. Sometimes, what you actually need is to be more open. To be fully open with yourself. Open to how ready you  are. Open to the fact that you've actually already have begun.    


You are where you're supposed to be, you are at the right place simply because you're open - you're asking, you are fully aware. You are paying attention. Only when you're in this place, can the Universe communicate with you. The signs are all around you. You are the sign.  


At some point, "commitment" embodies a new shape and form. When you were young, you used it as a way to tie yourself with another, so you can spend time together and share similar experiences. So you can have more fun, so you are less afraid/alone, so you feel more whole. Once you've lived in …