We Can Choose Compassion

Even if the people around us behave towards us from a place of judgment, we can still choose compassion for ourselves. Our initial response may be to put up energetic walls, but when we choose compassion, we will be dissolving these walls. We will be choosing to remain soft. Life force can continue flowing through …

Love is Light

Love is not about stooping so low to fit the status quo, Love is about lifting yourself so high that you are able to inspire others to lift themselves up, too. What chains us to unhealthy relationships are beliefs of fear, lack, and unworthiness. We don't believe we are enough. We don't believe we have …

The Courage of Intimacy

We got to have the heart to go deep within ourselves to expand our awareness and evolve. This is the only way we can uproot, heal and transmute the energies that keep us from experiencing life in all its great possibilities. We have to risk feeling the discomfort of confronting our past, of looking closely …

Burn, anyway

Don't be scared to burn yourself a little, if that's what it takes to light up your fire. Take all the safety precautions, if you must. Gather your composure. Clear up your head. But do it, anyway. Choose to do it over and over again. You'll grow a little braver each day.

A Lotus in the Water

If your spirit is able to float despite the uncertainties, the naysayers and the challenges - that is Success. If you're able to stay loyal to yourself - that is Success. If you're able to bloom in silence - that is Success.  

On the path of Beauty

Beauty. Like many others, mostly women, I have been on a journey regarding this concept and how I personally relate to it. As a woman, I am the main target of all kinds of ads regarding beauty - skincare products, hair care products, nail care products, cosmetic procedures, fad diets, fashion trends, makeup trends, among …

Nowhere but up

You're not here to conform. You're here to break the norm. Do not dim your light for others. No one benefits from that. If you really care about the whole, Rise up. Hold your ground. Raise the bar!