Dissolving Energetic Cords

This is a sequel to Transmuting Attachments. I hope it helps!

You will feel it once the purification is over. You will know once you’ve done your part to heal this connection and transmute shadow energies back to the light of Source.


Once you’re ready, tell the other person:

“My role is over. You have to connect with Source on your own now. You have what it takes to do that. I am not your source of light. You are your own source of light. You can allow me to go now. I must go now.”

If this doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to come up with words that feel more authentic to you.

Visualize yourself pulling the white cord from the other person’s heart and from your own heart. Watch as it dissolves and gets vacuumed upwards by Source light. You may also visualize another color that you resonate with.

This part may take a while. It may take a few minutes or even days before you can actually visualize the cord dissolving. Don’t rush it. It might also help to ask for Archangel Michael’s assistance in cutting the cord with his sword of light.

Another technique that might help is to visualize clear water separating you and the other person. Visualize clear white light emanating from each of your heart connecting you to Source light from above. Instead of being corded to each other, you are now individually connected to Source.


Audio version:


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