Transmuting Attachments

I’ve been needing to purify unhealthy/parasitic attachments recently and I couldn’t seem to find the approach that suited me. The usual ‘cord-cutting’ technique felt unnatural and harsh to me this time. Perhaps, it’s because of the type of attachment I’ve been dealing with. I needed a more loving, free-flowing approach. Eventually, in my search, I discovered this method on my own. I’d like to share it with you. I hope it helps!


Feel a surge of water flowing from your heart to the other person. Feel the water flow between you two like a gentle vertical whirlpool. Feel how it cleanses your hearts.

Feel Lady Gaia wrapping her arms around you and all forms of life. See the light coming through her crown, connecting her to Source – where the strongest, most positive energy comes from. Feel the strength of her compassionate, abundant energy flowing through all life in the form of this pure water.

All life forms who are feeling powerless are nurtured by this life-affirming force. Visualize all parasitic cords, entities, thought forms getting cleansed by the pure water and taken back up to Source.

Continue doing this until you feel balanced again, until you feel calmness dawn in your heart again.


Audio version:

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